Banana farming seminar was completed.

Banana farming seminar was completed.


Our Banana Growing Seminar organized by Bimuz Academy has ended. every day brand awareness even more important information more space acquisition beginning of greenhouse banana growing increased market compared to imported rivals in recent days seminar where participants from different provinces and districts of Turkey theoretical and transferred to practical way participants.



In our seminar, which continued for a total of 5 days in Bimuz Banana production & packaging and integrated facilities, our participants were informed about theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as important experiences that are not available in any source, but that can be gained as a result of long-term trials and practices. Certificates were delivered to our participants on the last day of the seminar.

Our participants, who were asked for their opinions at the end of the seminar, stated that they are now much more equipped about environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.

Continuing its studies with Good Agricultural Practices certificates, Bimuz Academy aims to grow environmentally friendly and sustainable products with maximum efficiency in agriculture and delivers this to all growers who want to access information through academic means.

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